A world building collaborative with Corbin Hart, the writer, and myself as the visual development. Together we aim to flesh out a captivating future in which humanity has spread into the galaxy.

Eschatological Themes

The story arch within EON was born out of a desire to create a sci-fi space opera married with apocalyptic visuals and themes.  The Revelation of John is a fever dream of images that is only made more captivating in the setting of a space fairing epic.

Civilized Space

After thousands of years, humanity is finally unified.  The encompassing area that is the extent of our colonial reach is called "civilized space", broken into ten interstellar super-regions.


This universe is populated with an army of characters.  Despite narrowing down the main cast, the narrative contains a multitude of colorful characters and personalities.

Populating a Universe

The flow of ideas never seems to cease.  The more people, places, technologies, philosophies, and themes we create, the further enriched the EON universe becomes.

From The Sketchbook

It all starts with a doodle.  Most of my visual development starts in the sketchbook and might get refined later.  Sometimes I'm inspired by something I saw or read, a song I heard, or another artist.  Other times it starts with a question; what do people wear in this future?  How do certain technologies work?  How has culture evolved over the centuries?  Whatever the case may be, making sure to get down that initial idea has been key.